Serving Arizona state employees in need.

Public service employees do not meet the requirements for assistance from charities like the United Way. We have distributed more than $3 million dollars to help thousands of Arizona State employees. Employees Helping Employees, Inc. (EHE) is dedicated to helping this important group.

When employees are worried about money, they can’t concentrate on their jobs. You help maintain a productive and motivated work force when you direct them to a source of emergency funds.

Since 1998, EHE has distributed more than $3 million dollars to help thousands of employees. Please support us by contributing or through your SECC donation card.


Donating is Easy

InstructionsDonations are tax deductible.  On behalf of Arizona employees in need, we thank you for whatever you can give. 

Employees Helping Employees is a 501c(3) Charity

Employees Helping Employees, Inc. (EHE) is a non-profit corporation founded to financially help public service employees who have suffered a severe hardship, and who, as an Arizona state or Maricopa County employees, fall into a gap in which there is no help.