About Employees Helping Employees (EHE)

ee-set1Employees Helping Employees, Inc. (EHE) is a non-profit corporation founded to financially help public service employees who have suffered a severe hardship that could hot have been planned for or anticipated.

EHE is a source intended to benefit those employees who fall into a gap in which there is no help available from other community social service agencies because public service employees make too much money to qualify for financial assistance.

The public service agencies currently served are Arizona State employees.

The “core purpose” of Employees Helping Employees, Inc. is to help employees facing short-term financial adversity when there is no other helping hand (and as consistent with our capacities to help).

Since 1989 we have distributed more than $3 million dollars to Arizona State Employees. On-the-job employees are our sole beneficiary of the money we collect. EHE maintains:

  • Oversight from a board of directors
  • Annual independent audits
  • Low administrative costs
  • An emphasis on employee responsibility


  • to be the financial lifeline for those employees who are “on the job” and find it difficult to obtain emergency financial assistance because they are employed;
  • to assist when typically funds are not available from other sources because wages are over the income level to receive assistance;
  • to assist in maintaining a productive workforce
  • to relieve the burden of government
  • to be a last resort for an employee who has exhausted all other possibilities, i.e., family, friends, charities, etc.;
  • to ensure that financial help is available for those who genuinely need it;
  • to be used only once by an employee (in rare cases, employees may receive assistance a second time).
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EHE Program Overview

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