You can donate via paycheck deduction or a one-time contribution.

We appreciate your generous spirit. Without contributions, EHE cannot exist.

No matter how unfortunate the circumstances or compelling the need, chances are you or your co-workers will not qualify for emergency assistance through other social service agencies. When you support EHE, you provide the safety net that keeps your co-worker on the job and his or her life on track.

  1. Designate ($1.00 or more per paycheck) a part on a voluntary basis to Employees Helping Employees, Code #ST656, on their annual SECC pledge card, or
  2. Decide to make a lump sum contribution at any time during the year.



Donate at work with an SECC pledge

Use code #ST656 on your SECC pledge card to designate your charitable dollars to Employees Helping Employees.  Thank You!

Donate at work with an SECC pledge – Code ST656

The State Employees Charitable Campaign (SECC) Fund provides an opportunity for all State employees to support non-profit agencies through payroll deduction or one-time payment easily and confidentially. For more information, contact your HR or SECC representative for your organization.